4 Things You Need to Know About the Progress of Indonesia’s Health Technology

Advances in technology have now almost touched all areas of life such as in the health sector that we can already feel the benefits. This progress certainly has a role that can help health practitioners to improve the quality of health services towards a better direction.

Its users also can certainly feel a positive impact with the presence of this technology. Of course, they are increasingly able to meet their personal health needs.

The Doogether, ProSehat and Lyfe applications are examples of many applications whose movements are focused on the health sector. Here are some points that you can refer to about the progress of Health Tech in Indonesia.

1. The development of health technology in Indonesia

The obstacle faced in its development is that doctors still trust the results issued by the laboratory rather than the data from medical device records in hospitals or clinics. If medical staff can use data from medical devices to the fullest, they can certainly shorten and speed up the handling of the patient’s illness. According to Dr. Bimo as the founder of Prosehat, if this can be used as it should, it will open up considerable opportunities in the development of the health technology industry.

2. Now without the need to go to the clinic, you can get treatment and get health facilities

Lately several electronic brands have issued smart watches as their flagship product. But do you know the purpose of smart watch ? The presence of this modern watch serves to create a healthier community climate with the acquisition of data such as a faster heart rate.

In addition to various electronic brands , several health platforms present features that are believed to be able to make consumers feel helped by their presence and reduce long queues at hospitals. Such as primary care , consulting all problems of diseases that are felt online with doctors using Artficial Intelligence (AI) technology .

O2O service , if you are more comfortable to consult face to face, you can make an appointment with medical personnel and buy medicine through this feature. EHR , technology with the concept of blockchain to always keep patient data safe and transparent. Given the data in the hospital can be manipulated to eliminate evidence or medical records of patients in the event of malpractice.

This Blockchain is also an effort to facilitate collaboration with the government and hospitals. Finally, remote analysis , the results of examinations that have been carried out and then analyzed to obtain a verdict of disease accurately, quickly and precisely.

3. Easy and practical payment

If health services have been designed as simple and as easy as that, the payment will also be the same. Consumers can pay for medical services through m-banking transfers or also through ATMs and take advantage of the many retail supermarkets. In addition to the methods mentioned earlier, you can also use insurance cards that are owned by both private and government.  

4. Want to have a healthy lifestyle, now exercise is easier to do by ordering online

Motivated by the increasing number of Car Free Day (CFD) participants and seeing an increased awareness of the importance of exercising among the wider community, Fauzan Gani launched the Doogether application. The purpose of Fauzan is to make this application because often people run out of quotas to exercise because they have to register directly at the relevant sports venue.

With this application it is hoped that the public will be even more diligent because bookings are made online . The use of this application is the same as ordering train or airplane tickets via a smartphone . By activating GPS, this application will provide a number of sports recommendations nearby.

The existence of several health support applications as above is expected to make the community more comfortable when utilizing health facilities. Finally, people do not have to bother anymore to the hospital and wait for hours to enter the doctor’s office.

Nevertheless, that does not mean having to ignore the health of the body. Exercising should still be done especially with the presence of a platform application that makes it easier to exercise. 

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