5 This Site Can Delete Your Tweets with Many at Once

Twitter which was quiet now crowded again. Many new accounts were created, many also returned to using old accounts. However, some problems may arise when you use an old account, especially problems related to your “digital footprint” or old tweets .

Want to delete “digital footprint” without losing followers ? Want to update Twitter without creating a new account? Or want to transfer your account but you have too many tweets to delete one by one? Twitter does not provide the facility to delete multiple tweets at once, but the following five sites can help you!

1. TwitWipe

TwitWipe provides access to delete all tweets easily and simply. Simply go to twitwipe.com, log in through your Twitter account, then click “TwitWipe!” and all your tweets will be deleted. In addition to deleting tweets , you can also choose to delete likes.

2. TweetDelete

TweetDelete provides a more diverse selection of TwitWipe to delete tweets , but can’t delete likes . Before logging in via your Twitter account, check ” I have read and agree to the Tweet Delel terms ” (even better if you read the terms and conditions of this site before checking). You can choose to delete tweets that are more than a year to a week old or directly all tweets .

3. Delete.twitlan.com

If you don’t feel that all your old tweets have problems and you want to choose whatever tweets you want to delete, delete.twitlan.com can be an option. All you have to do is log in through your Twitter account, then check the tweets  that you want to delete. You can also delete all tweets immediately by checking “Select all the tweets that are displayed” .

4. Cardigan

Besides tweets , Cardigan can also remove likes like TwitWipe. After logging in through your Twitter account, you can choose to delete tweets or likes . Furthermore, you can also enter keywords and dates to make it easier to find tweets to delete. Unfortunately, this site can only delete the 3,200 last tweets . So, for those of you who tweets more than this number, it is better to use another alternative site.

5. TweetDeleter

TweetDeleter ( tweetdeleter.com ) can be said to be a “complete package” which provides many options for removing tweets . You can sort your tweets based on keywords, types, media used, dates, even potentially inappropriate words on Twitter. Like other sites, you can immediately delete all tweets at once. Uniquely, on this site you can also create a schedule so that your tweets can be deleted automatically at regular intervals!

Those are the five sites that can help you delete multiple tweets at once. Don’t forget to revoke access the site through your Twitter settings after using the sites above, yes!

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