ITS EXPO 2019: Prepare Magnificent Events with Various Collaborated Elements!

Do you feel that there are a lot of events in April? Whether it’s a music event or another event. One that is in front of the eye is ITS EXPO 2019, a large special event created by fellow students from the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology Surabaya (ITS).

Apparently, the event will be held starting in two days, you know, on April 10 and lasts for four days until April 13, 2019. What will the event be like ? Here is a full review!

1. ITS EXPO 2019 is an event that combines various elements

If you are confused about what ITS EXPO is, easily it is an event that combines art, science and culture. That means you will meet various events in it.

Starting from exhibitions, workshops , competitions and competitions, talk shows to stage action. Of course there is no discussion in the same activities so that visitors are guaranteed not to be bored.

2. In accordance with the name of the campus, ITS EXPO 2019 will be engaged in the world of technology

For this time, ITS EXPO takes the theme of People in Technology, which discusses how people today, especially those living in Indonesia, use it on a daily basis.

” Taking this theme aims to provide a view to the public about the influence and benefits of technology for our nation’s culture ,” explained Ricky Dharma Putra , the chief executive of ITS EXPO 2019.

3. This event has entered its seventh event

The ITS EXPO has been held six times and the 2019 is the seventh. Starting from 2012, ITS EXPO takes on many themes: Green Revolution, Maritime, Time Traveler , Vehicle Illusion, Spirit of Optimism, and Verso Recto. Only in 2018 did ITS EXPO not be carried out.

4. The works exhibited in the ITS EXPO exhibition will come from many campus friends

The exhibition itself will include submission art which is an installation of friends who want to participate and community, an exhibition about the culture of the origin of the ITS students. There is also a cultural home that presents nostalgic items that are present when in childhood and photography exhibitions that have been curated in such a way from the works that enter the competition, and much more.

5. You can also participate and seek knowledge in the workshop there

There are at least 16 creative workshops that are directly guided by the material providers from each community. That means you no longer need to doubt the knowledge that will be obtained.

6. Don’t forget the side of the art that is displayed through shows

Because ITS EXPO is a prestigious event from ITS, of course there will be performances from each department. No one knows what the show will be like, but some things that can be guessed are the regional dances and choirs.

7. For those who have a competitive spirit, can take part in competitions held at ITS EXPO 2019

As far as is obtained, there are at least three competitions that can be participated in: Robot in Action , Submission Art , and Section . Robot in Action is clearly a robot race. Submission Art is a collection of art installations which can later be exhibited at the event. Finally is the Section , a photography competition.

8. There is also a talk show that presents many famous speakers

The first talkshow was presented last Sunday (7/4), namely by bringing in Pandji Pragiwaksono and discussing how to “Achieve Success at a Young Age with Technology.” The chat was also attended by Aditya Tanjung as CEO of Energeek ‘The E-Government Solution’ and also Hatta Himawan who is Tokopedia’s Senior Product Manager .

9. Eits, in the closing there will be special performances from a number of famous musicians

Are you a fan of HiVi !, Adera or The Overtune? If so, then you are lucky. On the last day of the ITS EXPO 2019, you can watch their performance on the stage and sing together. It’s delicious right?

Seeing this, ITS EXPO 2019 is definitely not a standard small event. By coming here, you can get a lot of knowledge as well as entertainment. Therefore, record the date and take your time to

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